︎Ph.D., Media and Arts Technology, Queen Mary University of London, UK •ongoing
︎MSc., Language Science and Technology, Saarland University, Germany •2015
︎MSc., Cognitive Science, CIMeC, University of Trento, Italy •2014
︎BA(Hons), Linguistics, Hacettepe University, Turkey •2013
︎Ph.D Researcher, Queen Mary University of London •ongoing
︎Research Assistant, New Scientist Live - Chat Lab, London •2016
︎Visiting Researcher, The Culture Capital Exchange, Somerset House, London •2016
︎Visiting Researcher, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Povo, Italy •2014
︎Professional & Research Practice, TA, Queen Mary University of London
︎Graphical User Interfaces, TA, Queen Mary University of London •2017-2018
︎Interaction Design, TA, Queen Mary University of London •2016-2018
︎English for Turkish Speakers •2011-2012

Residencies | Workshops
︎ Liberty EU Creative Europe Artists’ Exchange, online •2020
︎AltCity Istanbul Digital Arts Residency, British Council & Zorlu PSM, Istanbul •2017
︎Her Eyes Under The Bridge, Tara Fatehi Irani & LADA, London •2017

︎Freedom of Movement? panel, Journeys Festival International •upcoming
︎Salon: Digital Dada panel as part of Take Dada Seriously? exhibition, online •2020
︎The Role of the Audience in Interactive Art, bang.Prix seminar talk, Studio-X-İstanbul •2019
︎Art, Automation and Intersectionality panel, Automation and Me symposium, Leeds International Festival •2019
︎Audience Engagement with Text-based Interactive Art, MAT Open talk, Media and Arts Technology Doctoral Training Centre, London •2018
Awards | Grants | Commissions
︎Creative Europe Liberty EU Art Commission, Artreach UK •2020
︎Contemporary Istanbul Plugin Digital Art Commission •2019
︎Media and Arts Technology Doctoral Training Centre Public Engagement funds •2016-2019
︎Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK Research Studentship •2015-2019
︎Queen Mary University of London PGR Students Sponsorship •2015-2019
︎Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies Category-A LCT Scholarship •2013-2015
︎Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program Grant, Hacettepe University •2011

Publications | Posters
︎Kulaktan kulaga, chinese whispers, or arabic telephone in O’Sullivan, J. [Chair] (2019) Electronic Literature Organization Conference & Media Arts Festival (ELO2019), Programme and Book of Abstracts, University College Cork, Ireland, 15 -17 July
︎Exploring Audience Reading Behaviour through Interactive Public Displays, the Proceedings of 32nd BCS HCI Conference, Belfast, UK (2018)
︎PhD research poster presented at 6th EITIC Doctoral Student Workshop, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain (2018)