Kula exhibition, Ecumene Project, May 2021 (upcoming)
Freedom of Movement?, Journeys International Festival, 10.2020, online
The Garden of Forking Paths, Ars Electronica, 09.2020, online
Take Dada Seriously? Decorating Dissidence and Guest Projects London, 06.2020, online
HAVE A NICE DAY by HYPERCORTEX and xtopia, 06.2020, online
Easy speaking & effortless listening, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 03.2020, London
Weave It!, Stour Space, 11.2019 London
Plugin, Contemporary Istanbul, 09.2019, Istanbul
Peripheries, The Glucksman Gallery, 07.2019, Cork, Ireland
bang.Prix, Studio-X Istanbul, 06.2019, Istanbul
M.I.I Manifold, TTC Architecture & Design, 04.2019, London
Error: The Art of Imperfection, Ars Electronica, 09.2018, Linz, Austria
Across the Line, Zorlu Performing Arts Center, 11.2017, Istanbul
Intersections, Mile End Art Pavilion, 09.2016, London
Dorkbot London #90, Limehouse, 11.2015, London