Hand-Me-Down (2016)

Interactive Installation

Hand Me Down is an interactive installation that seeks to engage people in redefining second-hand photographs collected from London’s flea markets. By placing an old photograph against a hacked frame, spectators are invited to read the predetermined stories, and to reinterpret them from their own perspectives.

A photograph captures a frame in time. It freezes moments in a certain where, when and what. It documents individual or shared histories. Looking at a photograph, a person becomes a part of what was being captured by interpreting the moment from the eyes of those being photographed. In cases where the captured moment carries the person away from the individual history of those photographed and introduces a familiar history of the interpreter’s own, a photograph becomes a way of personal storytelling. A photograph becomes a shutter button for a novel interpretation of individual history. It triggers the flow of thoughts in the minds of the interpreters.

Photo & video credits: QMUL MAT, Betül Aksu

Exhibition | Sergi

︎ Intersections, Mile End Art Pavilion, London, 2016
︎ Dorkbot London #90, 2015