Researching the Researcher (2021)

Noticing why it wanders

A collective publication by the 5 READ labs that were part of the School of Commons in 2021.

READ (Research Ecologies & Archival Development) Lab at the School of Commons develops, presents and collects theory within the broader field of knowledge production. Over the 10-months spent together, the 5 READ researchers met bi-weekly, initially, and slightly more sporadically thereafter, to discuss their research and projects and present updates, questions, concerns, challenges, and anything else they felt necessary or relevant. The sessions grew into a support system, and has resulted in a series of postings published directly on the School of Commons website, regarding each individual research, as well as this collective publication, put together by: Band of Burnouts, Amy Gowen, Betül Aksu, Charlotte Friedli, Sid Smith, which focuses on their roles as researchers.

This is a short, introductory glimpse into their processes.


Band of Burnouts, Eclectic Lowway
Amy Gowen, The Positive Researcher
Betül Aksu, Reason: Other personal
Charlotte Friedli, Tangled in my web
Sid Smith, Interview with James
A collective READ glossary

Editor: Nicole Horgan
Graphic Design: Katarzyna Lukasik
Print and Binding: Pressision
Published by the School of Commons, 2021