TAISAI - The Artist’s Inner Speech About Interactivity - (2020)

Chatbot and video

TAISAI -The Artist’s Inner Speech About Interactivity- is a humorous and artsy chatbot. It assists the audience to witness the artist’s internal monologue about the future of interactive art after the pandemic.

TAISAI is created in response to moving art exhibitions online due to the pandemic. The artist’s initial submission to MAT group exhibition at Ars Electronica examined tactile interactions with art systems as part of site-specific installations. As it was no longer possible to exhibit in public spaces and conventions became obsolete, the artist took a speculative design approach1 to imagine preferable and probable futures of online interactions. Each self-emerging possibility was formed as a sub-conversation between the artist and the audience.

The artist used the Feminist Chatbot Design Process by Josie Young2 and the Feminist Design Tool by Feminist Internet3 in designing the conversations and the chatbot4. The tools help creators to consider the values they are implementing in their systems, to highlight possible biases and inequalities in the design process. In the form of an internal monologue of an artist delivered by an assisting chatbot, TAISAI promotes the urgent need to focus on the role of the creator in possible futures of online interactions. Lastly, TAISAI revisits the suggestions for the future of interactive art5 with a fresh perspective.


Exhibition | Sergi

︎ The Garden of Forking Paths, Ars Electronica, 09.2020, online