There is sun, surprisingly (2020)
Moving image, 5’16’’
Commissioned by Liberty EU - Creative Europe Programme

︎︎︎click here to watch the film as part of Freedom of Movement exhibition

There is sun, surprisingly is a film that celebrates the notion of hope as a consequence of leaving home. The film is set around a circular narrative where snippets from different surroundings are presented to set the boundaries of familiar and unfamiliar environments.

The circular narrative takes its shape from a Macedonian folk dance, Oro, where a community of people dance in a circle, holding each other's hands. Unlike the traditional circle, the film presents multi-directional circles that constitute parts of a whole in a non-linear manner. Yet setting different communities from Turkey, Italy, Germany and the UK side by side.

The artist revisited her archival recordings from 7 years spent abroad. Unconnected sounds and videos were matched to create a fictitious narrative rooted in lived experiences.