officialese: taksim gezi park to tünel and back 


On 06/04/2022 between 18:00 - 19:00 Istanbul time

I walked from Taksim Gezi Park to Tünel and back, live streaming the sounds from my walk to a Zoom room, where the School of Commons participants were reading passages from The Force of Non-Violence by Judith Butler and writing how they feel. You can read the documentation of the reading & writing session here.

… when the world presents as a force field of violence, the task of nonviolence is to find ways of living and acting in that world such that violence is checked or ameliorated, or its direction turned, precisely at moments when it seems to saturate that world and offer no way out. The body can be the vector of that turn, but so too can discourse, collective practices, infrastructures, and institutions.

Judith Butler (2020). The Force of Non-Violence. Verso Books. page: 10